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Local artists and events in the 626/ San Gabriel Valley and sometimes surrounding areas... for those of us who don't live in "L.A." L.A.
This blog was started by Sylvia Lopez, an artist and native of the 626.
Coco Na Dre Cafe: Why you should know this place

Since you follow this blog, I think it’s safe to assume two things: 1. you like art 2. you’re familiar with parts of the 626..

So, I think you guys should know about Coco Na Dre.   It’s a coffee shop based in Old Town La Puente and along with serving up coffee, books, and games for their patrons, they also serve up artwork from the locals (that includes yours truly).  I’ve talked a bit with the people that run this place and it’s clear that they have a big passion for the arts.  They’ve recently been involved with the La Puente Artwalk and are always looking for new ways to help create exposure for local artists and artisans.

I greatly recommend stopping by the cafe grabbing a drink and chatting with the people there.

If you’re an artist and interested in displaying your work at Coco Na Dre, just send them an email:

If you are interested in displaying your work of art, please contact Lisa Armstrong at:

Musicians are encouraged as well:

If you would like to perform or simply have any suggestions send your information to

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