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Local artists and events in the 626/ San Gabriel Valley and sometimes surrounding areas... for those of us who don't live in "L.A." L.A.
This blog was started by Sylvia Lopez, an artist and native of the 626.
Art in the San Gabriel Valley: Where is it? →

this is an article by Sharon Mizota.  It’s a few months old, but still pretty relevant.  

Situated just northeast of Los Angeles, the San Gabriel Valley is home to large immigrant communities, and features every flavor and style of Asian cuisine you could possibly wish for. But when it comes to art, that’s a tall order.

Mizota goes on to ponder how the art in the SGV is different than the art you see in Santa Monica, Culver City, and West Hollywood and how class differences play into this. Here’s a quote:

What this divide comes down to is an issue of class, of course. We elevate and value expensive art—whether a diamond-encrusted skull or a canvas full of polka dots—because it is expensive, and rich people have more power and influence than poor people. I’ve been paying lots of attention to art for the 1%. Why haven’t I shown more interest in art for the 99%? As Zhu says, “People in Alhambra need art too.”

I think it’s interesting how Mizota even admits her own bias, in that she prefers the “white box” when viewing work, that even though all galleries share the goal of making money, the way it’s presented affects the way she thinks about the work. (white walls in the westside and in cafes or shops in the SGV).     What do you think?  I’d love to hear what others have to say on this.

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